Human and Social Rights in Brazil - Vários autores

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The Second World War, which ended in 1945, brought great and important discussions about the path that humanity would choose to follow in the following years, decades and millennials, including the recognition of the need to create Rights to be guaranteed to all human beings. A little further in history, the world faces the Cold War and the dichotomies between capitalism and socialism, and with its end and the fall of the Berlin wall, the world begins to experience a new reality: globalization. Which in turn, brings so many other challenges, many of them related to the rights previously discussed at the end of the Great War: human and social rights.


Brazil, as an emergent country, felt all these developments and continues to feel, perhaps even more intensely with regard to these rights that are so important for human experience, which are human and social rights, being, therefore, the present work of extreme relevance and importance not only for the academic community, but for society in general.

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